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Get K Car Japan Images. The k (kei) car in japan is a car that has an engine no larger than 660cc. Ranges on and grab these products within budget.

K Cars for import direct from Japan
K Cars for import direct from Japan from
International auto aficionados have long been i've owned several kei cars during my stay in japan. 178413 stock items | tcv is the largest used car marketplace in japan. New zealand import regulation for japan used cars.

Kei means light (as in if you want to learn more about the tiny kei car legends from japan watch this video and hit the like.

If you are even slightly interested in japan's car culture, then there is no doubt that you are familiar with kei jidousha, the tiny little cars with yellow license. We sell all types of japanese used cars, vans, trucks, suvs and more at best prices! Car import rules from japan. Those little cars of which you ask, are called, k cars.